RV Power Center: Parts, Tools, and Equipment

This page contains lists of the parts, equipment, and tools we used to construct our RV power center. In addition, links to the items we used are included. Prices include taxes and shipping.

Miscellaneous Parts

The following table lists parts used to construct our system. Often these parts came in packages containing far more pieces than were needed for our project.

Screws 3/4"$16.62
Screws 1"$36.62
Screws 3"$9.52
Wire Hangers 3/4"$16.08
Wire Tubing 10' 1/2"$11.79
Wire Tubing 23' 7/9"$10.18
Wire 20' 4/0 Red$158
Wire 20' 4/0 Black$158
Wire 6 AWG THHN$81.98
Wire 12 AWG$13.38
Ferrules 6 AWG$7.38
Ferrules 10 AWG$6.96
Ferrules 8 AWG$6.85
Lug 6 AWG m8
Lug 6 AWG m6
Lug 4/0 AWG m6
Lug 4/0 AWG m8$26.07
Lug 4/0 AWG m10$25.65
Morris Connector 3 Wire$12.96
Morris Connector 2 Wire
Shrink Tube 4' 1/2" Black
Shrink Tube 4' 1/2" Red
Shrink Tube 4' 1/4" Black
Shrink Tube 4' 3/4" Black
Shrink Tube 4' 3/4" Red
Solar Cable Connector Kit
Wire Zip Ties
Wire Tie Downs$17.58
Wire Connectors and Rings
Solar Mounting Kit
10 AWG MP4 Solar Wire


In this context, pieces of equipment are conspicuous components of our system that remain in the RV as permanent components.

Fuse 400 A Class T$64.30
Battery Switch$42.77
Victron Lynx Distributor$222.39
Solar PV Switch Case$18.22
Solar Circuit Breaker$25.62
Victron SmartSolar MPPT 150/45$516.19
RICH 200 W Solar Panel$235.94
Victron Smart Shunt$140.39
Victron VE.Bus Smart Dongle$83.87
Fuse 60 A Mega$14.48
Fuse 400 A Mega$25.53
VE.Direct Cable 6'$15.50
VE.Direct Cable 1'$15.50
Victron Cerbo GC$316.31
Victron Smart Battery Sense$41.93
DC-DC 12V-5V Converter$11.99
Battery Straps$27.86
Blue Sea Class T Fuse Holder$40.51
Copper Bars 1/4" by 3/4" by ~2"$41
Wire 6/3 Romex 125'$505
Lion Energy UT 1200 Batteries (4 used online)$1600
Victron MultiPlus-II 2x 120V$1600
Victron MK3-USB$70.15


This table describes the tools I used for this build. I bought several other tools and returned them as they were nearly unusable. These tools worked great. I tried a less expensive torque wrench, but it just didn’t work well at the low range required for this sort of work. The Park Tool torque wrench listed here is a great tool.

Wire Cutters 8"$28.59
Wire Cutters 16"$72.80
Wire Stripper$23.73
Self Adjusting Wire Stripper$26.03
Wire Stripping Knife$20
Ferrule Crimper$30.66
Crimping Tool Kit$80/97
MC4 Crimper$19.94
Right Angle Screw Driver$17.15
Torque Wrench$134.01